Chris Pollock


Edinburgh based design and development

Currently pursuing a Masters degree in software engineering at Heriot-Watt university.
Outside of university I have been involved in various projects and in 2015 began operating as an independent web developer and designer.
I strive to build robust and user friendly systems on a wide range of platforms and I find that when a great interface is coupled with a solid back end, the result can have a powerful effect on both users and clients.
This is something I am passionate about and always seek to achieve in my work.

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  • Introduced to Visual Basic in high school. Managed to build a simple file explorer that could access files otherwise restricted by the school's network.
  • Enrolled at Heriot-Watt University studying Computer Science.
  • First exposure to web programming through university module. Experimented with Chrome extensions and JavaScript development by creating Lister.
  • Carried out internship at Screenmedia, Glasgow and had the opportunity to work on projects for the Edinburgh Fringe app, BMT, as well as the redesign of their own website.
  • Joined the small team behind Circl as lead developer using C# and Xamarin to develop a cross-platform mobile app that we're looking to launch later this year.
  • Began working in the applications development team at Exterity Limited developing software that interacts with their IPTV solutions.