Chris Pollock

When Does
Saas Come In

An online countdown timer for Scottish student's loan payments.

When Does SAAS Come In? is a joint effort by myself and friend Daniel Waghorn to provide a solution to the most commonly heard phrase on Scottish University grounds, "when does SAAS come in?".
SAAS, for those who don't know, is the Student Awards Agency for Scotland that provides student loans on a monthly basis.
The downside to their system however is that people tend to lose track of when the payments come in due to irregularities in the dates so we set out to end this confusion by providing a simple solution to give them the exact answer they're looking for.
We also used the experience to enhance our knowledge of SEO and social media usage in promoting a new website.
Read on below for a case study on building the site.

We opted for a clear UI design with minimal copy and a large display of the important information relevant to the user (ie. how long until they get paid!). The page changes its layout in relation to the user's device size which allows us to make full use of the screen's width and height while still retaining its simplicity and aesthetic.

To try attract more users to the site, we built a page on Facebook for the website and used it to share important dates and advertise the link for easy sharing. We also added meta tags to enhance how it looks when a user shares the site on their page.

A success of the project was overcoming the official SAAS website in search rankings and reaching number one. As there was no other result that clearly listed the SAAS payment dates, it wasn't long before users took notice of us and our website started climbing the ranks.

We saw a monthly increase in traffic with a consistent spike on the payment day of each month.

These results were reflected by a number of tweets from users that were grateful for the service.