Chris Pollock

CCRG Pending

Responsive website for a research group with a CMS back end allowing authorised members to add projects and publications.

The Conservation Conflict Research Group needed a new website to let them share their work with the world and conservationist community. A major requirement of this project was that the back end was easy to use for team members who just wanted to write a report and post it live. Therefor careful consideration was taken when choosing the correct content management system and UX of the site to ensure the highest usability for members and visiting users alike.
The group is looking to launch later this year.

Members are able to log into the system in order to post reports on a project they have conducted. Here is an example of a short report which demonstrates the design and layout of the website.

A directory of each team member was created to help users put a face to the name of the report they had read. Profiles were automatically added to this page when an account was created and the owner of each account could edit their details and photo from within the CMS.

Members profiles show a bio of each member accompanied with any social links they wish to provide. The system then shows a list of projects posted by that account allowing users to find projects by author as well as through the main projects section of the site.

The members area is restricted to unauthorised users and allows a forum for private discussion with team members. It also is the landing page before members go on to edit their profiles or post projects.

Certain restricted pages allow editing of details from a simple web form making changes secure and straightforward.

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